Dedicated to creating a better future.

Who We Are

Some Good is a charity organization aimed at empowering children and young adults with quality education and knowledge to the end that we impact our society for generations to come.

We provide scholarships, school reforms, and contribute positively to social issues that form debilitating constructs which negatively affect children and society at large. The logic being that we may not be able to directly fix today in entirety but tomorrow’s trees are today‚Äôs seeds.

This is achieved by collaborating with the government, private sector, individuals, and other developmental agencies towards building a sustainable system that can deliver continuously on our objectives.


We see a world where every child from any part of society has access to quality education, a conducive environment for formative learning and an opportunity to positively contribute to a better future.


To improve the quality of life for children in our society.

Core Values
  • Service
  • Sustainability
  • Equality
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration

Meet The Team

Aisha OjuyahChief Executive Officer
Titi Bankole-OkiChief Operating Officer
Brian EdwardsChief Financial Officer
Ani OjuyahBoard Chair
Oluwatomi IkenyeTrustee