IfHeCanSheCan Initiative

There is a general consensus in managerial and sociological research that certain occupations are gendered. For example, public relations, nursing, and teaching are considered “female-gendered” occupations, whereas stock trading, engineering, and construction are considered “male-gendered” occupations. While some gendered jobs are clearly rooted in stereotypes – e.g., women as nurturers, men as financial decision-makers – others seem to be more randomly assigned. Like, who decided that bank telling is women’s work and driving taxis is men’s work?

Overall gendered jobs in many instances negate the message of equal opportunities for all.

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Gendered JobsWe all loseConsidering talent required using himor herLimits us all.If he can, She can.So the receptionist doesn’t have to be a ladyIt's security personnel, not security man.Is the role really Chairman?Well maybe Chairperson till we decideLeadership has no genderSo if he can She can.We all have a part to playWe all have a responsibilityWe owe it to generations unbornThe bias can end with usThe stereotypes can end with usIf he can She can.